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The next afternoon, as the other employees were getting ready for the evening's opening, the manager walked out of his office with a worried look on his face.  Jennifer was two hours late and this sent up a red flag because she was NEVER late.

"Has anyone seen Jennifer?"  He asked his workers.

When everyone in the main room shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders, his anxiety increased.

"I tried calling her cell and her house phone but I didn't get any answer."  One waitress piped up.  "What's worse is I've been trying all day."

If the manager wasn't on pins and needles before, he was now, especially after hearing that Jen wasn't able to be reached all day.

"Now, I AM worried."  He said as he grabbed his coat.  "I'm going to her house right now.  Something's wrong."

A more prophetic sataement was never spoken.  Something was indeed wrong and he was about to find out how right he was.  The second he got one arm theough the sleeve of his coat, there came a knock at the front door.  He quickly ran to see who it was, but byt the time he opened the door, he didn't see anybody.  What he did see was a small package wrapped in plain, brown paper lying on the welcome mat.  By the size and shape of it, it looked like a cd in a jewel case.

"What's this?"  He asked himself as he slowly picked up the small package.  With his run of luck today, he wouldn't have been surprised if it was a bomb.

As he carefully opened the brown wrapping paper, a note fell out onto the floor.  It simply read:

"Watch this; it concerns your lovely bellydancer".

There was a picture of a hand drawn skull and crossbones at the end of the sentence which worried the manager.

"Oh, my God!"  He whispered.  He didn't want to alarm anyone.

He told his workers he had to go check on something and went to his car to take the DVD to the police.  Maybe someone there could help him and save Jen before it was too late.


The manager arrives at the police station, after breaking at least a couple of speed limits with his crazy driving, and runs inside like a lunatic.

"Please!  I need help!  I'm afraid one of my employees was kidnapped!"  He shouted making the whole precinct look at him.  Not wanting the scene to get out of hand, an off-duty officer walks over to him to see what was wrong.

"Calm down, sir."  He ordered.  "Now what's the problem?"

The manager frantically explains the situation to the off-duty officer who had a look of horror on his face.

"Okay, I'll take you to one of our detectives."  The officer said as he led the distraught manager to his office.  With a knock on the glass pane with the detective's name painted in black letters, the officer called out to see if anyone was inside.

"Sir, you have someone who needs to see you."

"Send them in."  The voice answered back.

The off-duty cop opened the door and ushered the manager inside before following him in.

"I'm Detective Jamie Baxter.  How can I help?"  He asked shaking the man's hand.  Jamie was 6'2" and very handsome.  With his well-built physique, shoulder-length brown hair and piercing blue eyes, he was popular among the female officers.

The manager of the Genie's Bottle explains the situation to the detective and shows him the DVD that was delivered to him along with the note.  Without hesitation, Jamie leads the manager into a back room and puts the DVD into the player. The drawer slid back inside and the message on the silver disc began to show up in the t.v. screen.

The video shows Jen dancing sensually to the music in the background and her going into a slow, deep backbend. Her breathing gently pushed her belly in and out making her navel all the more hypnotic. The camera was focused on her sexy, deep bellybutton and the warped voice began to speak as the picture slowly zoomed in on her innie.

"I'm sure you recognize this young lady as your most popular dancer, Jennifer. And you probably know that her sexy bellybutton is what really wins everyone over. But if you don't do what I ask, you'll never see Jen again. And I might just carve out her innie and send it to you if you don't comply.  If you think I'm bluffing, let me show you what would happen to poor little Jen if my demands are not met..."

The scene cuts to a very different one, which has all in the room gasping.

Instead of her lovely belly and round navel in a seductive position, she was blindfolded and gagged and strapped to a table with a spike dangling over her, aimed right at her bellybutton. She struggles in vain and her muffled screams are heard as the camera points to a timer.

"You have 48 hours to meet my demands or this sexy innie gets run through...starting now!"

The digital clock starts ticking down from 48:00.

"I'll send you my demands soon."

With that, the message faded to black leaving the manager with his face buried in his hands.  The detective pauses the DVD, staring at her soft and helpless belly, sorrowful for the danger that delicious innie was in.

"Now what?  She's like a daughter to me." The manager asks close to tears.

The detective looked thoughtfully.  He saw how concerned this manager was for Jennifer and deduced that he had nothing to do with her kidnapping.

"I'll have a few of my officers stake out your restaurant as ordinary customers and workers. One will be in your office getting your phones tapped in case he calls. I need to keep this dvd and look over it again. There may be a clue on it to pinpoint where he has her captive."  Jamie ordered.

The manager nodded worriedly and was ushered out by the same off-duty officer that brought him there.  After he left, the detective replayed the DVD, pausing every now and then. Much as he was trying to find clues, he found his attention to keep being drawn to Jen's bellybutton; even when it was threatened to be skewered, there was something about her, about that navel.  He keeps rewinding to the part where Jen does her deep backbend. He watches as she belly rolls and occasionally circles her innie with her finger, almost teasing whoever was viewing the tape.  He can't keep his eyes off her bellybutton during that backbend, and he couldn't figure out why! But he needed to focus; he had to find the clues to their location...before it was too late.  As he looked at the setting of the recording where she was bound and gagged, Jen's innie was always tantalizingly there in the back of his mind.

"Ugh! I need to focus on finding her.'s hard. She's so beautiful and that deep bellybutton..."  He paused to let out a heaving sigh.  "...will be skewered if I don't find any clues."  He said to himself, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

As he continued to scan over the DVD, trying his best to keep his attention away from her mesmerizing bellybutton, the door opened. The off-duty officer that was there before leaned in with a message.

"Detective, the manager of the restaurant says he just got the demands."

"I'm on my way!"

Jamie grabbed his gun and badge and drove to the Genie's Bottle as fast as he could.  A few minutes later, he arrives at the restaurant and goes to the manager's office where the owner was pacing back and forth looking even more flustered than before.

"It's awful! He wants $5,000,000 dollars cash! I don't have that kind of money! I mean, yes, we do good business, but...oh, this is terrible!  Any ideas on where he's taken her?"

Detective Jamie didn't know how to answer him unfortunately.


At the undisclosed hideout, Jen's abductor had taken her off the table with the spike suspended overhead and forced her into a kneeling backbend, chaining her in that potition and leaving her blindfolded and gagged. After being teased mercilessly by her dance the night before, he hatched a sinister plan to have some fun with her deep innie during these 48 hrs. Unable to see what was happening, Jen felt the cold air chill her stomach, flowing into her open bellybutton.

"I hope you realize I wasn't bluffing when I said I'd stab that pretty navel if they fail to do what I ask." Said the man in a gruff voice. She felt his coarse, calloused hands caress her tummy with one finger circling her vulnerable navel.  Her belly twitched and convulsed when she felt his rough skin graze hers.

"In the meantime, I'm going to have some fun with that delicious bellybutton of yours."  With that, he walked away from her and searched through his duffle bag for various items.

Jen gasped in fear and her belly tensed as she heard the sounds of metal instruments clanging against each other while he was rummaging through who knows what.  Her fear only intensified when she heard his footsteps walking back to her bent back form.

" favorite stilleto dagger. I always keep this baby sharp. Let's see if it fits in that cute little innie of yours, honey."

The man first touched the tip of the slender blade to Jen's soft lower tummy. Her belly quivered in fear and the cold steel made her skin break out in goosebumps.  Then the man inserted the narrow blade of the dagger into her navel until the tip rested on the bottom. Jen tried to suck in her stomach, but it was no use. The man chuckled as he poked and prodded her bellybutton with the weapon.

"Mmm.  Perfect fit."

She squealed in fear and tried not to breathe. He had the point pushed in so if she took too deep a breath, she risked getting she took shallow, quick pants. Her captive backbend position, the movements of her belly, the sounds of her panting and the dagger so deep in her bellybutton made him lick his rough, chapped lips while her fearful moans continued to turn him on. He was living out his dream.

All of a sudden, the dagger was removed after a few agonazing minutes. Her belly stopped squirming, but the muscles remained taut, waiting for the blade to return. After a moment, she slowly relaxed her stomach as the man removed her gag, but not her blindfold.

"We're just getting started, sweet cheeks." She heard the man say.

"What are you going to do now?"  She asked fearfully.

The man just smirked to himself as his index and middle fingers walked up her belly and around her helpless navel.  The muscles in her belly twitched in reaction to every step his fingers took.

"Babe, I have 48 hours alone with your gorgeous bellybutton. I'll do anything I like. Hmmmmm, you sounded hot when you were panting...let's see how sexy you look when you can't breathe at all."

Where Jen was chained, there were straps, some screw-type devices and a thimble attached in the middle of the strip of leather. He gets a long, wooden dowel rod with rounded tips, puts one end in her deep bellybutton, and the other end in the thimble.

"If I were you, doll, I'd start taking those deep breaths while you can. They may be your last."

Fearful of that statement, she did just that and took lots of deep breaths.  Once everything was in place, he uses the screws and cinches the strap as tightly as he could, making her go into a turkish drop backbend and pushing the stick push deep inside her lovely innie. She tries to suck her belly in to make room for air, but she quickly finds out that the straps tighten even more. She gasps and her mouth gapes open. She arches her back but all it does is push her bellybutton into the stick more, preventing her belly from expanding and giving her less ability to breathe, which she desperately needed.

Try as she might, Jen's amount of breath was quickly diminishing. The rod pushed deeper and deeper into her bellybutton with each shallow breath she took. She felt as if her lungs were being flattened.  All the while, her captor watches, aroused, as she attempts to breathe with a wooden rod in her navel.


Her gasping plea was just barely above a whisper. She could feel the pulse in her bellybutton throb against the rod as she writhes; her bellybutton grinding against the rod. She mouths the words 'help me' hoping her captor has some shred of humanity and allow her to take a much needed breath of air. He sits and watches the erotic motions of Jen's belly as she tries in vain to make the stick move enough for her to inhale.

With each breath she takes, Jen's belly is pushed in just a little bit more, unable to come out again. Her navel pulse gets more painful, the rod so deep inside it she can visibly see the it jumping up and down with every beat. Another minute or two and she will have suffocated.

She felt herself getting woozy and her vision becoming blurry. She was sure she would die from lack of air in the next few seconds...but...

She felt the rod loosen and leave her bellybutton. When she was able to, she arched her back high and her belly heaved as she took lots of slow, deep breaths. The man couldn't resist. He went to look at her abdomen from above; her bellybutton seemed to have gotten deeper and sexier than before. He watched as her bellybutton subtly changed shape as she inhaled and exhaled, how her belly heaved in an out, regaining her breath and color; his eyes on her slightly deeper navel. He put a hand on her bare stomach, feeling it push out and sink back in deep with each breath. Jen felt the rough texture of his hand there, but she didn't even care at the moment.

Once she managed to calm herself a bit, the man said, patting her belly, "Ready for more?"  

"No...let me go, please!"  She breathlessly begged.

"No way, chicky. I ain't done with you, not by a long shot."

He looked inside her now deeper bellybutton and had to touch it for himself. He took his finger, licked it, and pushed it deep inside her navel. She squealed in disgust and squirmed violently, trying to move her bellybutton away from his slippery, slimy finger.

"Ohhh, it's so soft and warm this a tiny hole in your bellybutton I feel?"

"N-no." She panted out in panic.

"Oh, yes it is."  He grinned to himself.  Now he was gonna have some fun.  With this new discovery, he was trying to find an innovative way to tickle the sexiest part of her body.  He looks around the room and spots a tiny little worm crawling on the ground. He picks it up and places it on her lower belly.  When Jen felt the wriggling creature on her skin, she writhed making her arched back position all the more seductive.

"EW! A worm! Get it off me!"  She squealed.

She gasped sharply as she felt it crawl inside her bellybutton. The sensations, as expected, tickled Jen to the point of laughter.  As grosss as it was to the bellydancer, she did like the ticklish aspects.  Her friend April did this to her before...and she quickly remembered what happened then. Her laughter soon turned to panic.

"P-please, I beg you.  Get this thing out of my bellybutton!  Please get it ou-"

She couldn't finish her sentence because the worm had found the tiny hole in her navel and had already burrowed into it. She threw her head back, arched her back and heaved her belly high as she went into frantic, erratic panting. The hole led to the most sensitive part of her bellybutton and the worm was making itself home in it. The man watched as the worm's tail disappeared into her navel's deepest recesses.

"So, how do you like my little friend?"  He asked in a bad Tony Montana impression.

Jen was unable to answer him; she was panting too quickly and heavily and it got even more frantic when she realized he wasn't going to get the worm out. This was just as bad as the stick, if not worse. With the panting, she wasn't getting enough oxygen.

Jen gasped for breath as the she felt the worm crawl around in her "secret bellybutton chamber" as April had called it. It was the single most sensitive spot in her entire body, and no appendage could fit through the hole to get the worm out.

Her belly jerked around violently as she tried to breathe but the worm refused to stop torturing her. Inside, the pesky little creature explored the small chamber, its soft walls and floor warm to the touch. It squirmed around even more, trying to see if there was another hole that led even deeper into Jen's bellybutton...

Jen's body glistened with sweat as she tried pushing her belly in and out, trying to coax the worm out. A drop of sweat trickled down her belly and inside her bellybutton. It went to the hole and seaped inside. It reaches the worm and it makes it more excited. It wiggles more quickly making Jen's eyes widen behind her blindfold. She bends back more, pushing her belly in and out and panting more desparately. In its excitement, the worm came across what seemed to be another opening and it decided to explore and liked this chamber even more. Jen let out a barely audible squeak as the tiny worm hits the motherload of her sensitive bellybutton. Her belly rolled involuntarily and she bent back so far, the top of her head touched the floor. Her belly was arched so high it looked as if she was offering it to her captor...which aroused him even more.

"I wonder what you're thinking right now, hot stuff?"

"Christ! I didn't even know those parts of my body existed!" She thought to herself. "Oh, God, please make it stop! Nothing should be in there!"

Jen's belly moved in ways she never thought possible by itself. That damn worm! It felt like it was breakdancing in the deep hidden chamber of her bellybutton. The man saw the veins in her neck throb as her tummy got even sweatier.  Pretty soon, if the worm went any deeper, it would run into her navel pulse.

Her belly rolled, twitched and fluttered as the worm seemed to do gymnastics inside her hidden belybutton. The worm wriggled its way down exploring the second innie chamber when it finds a warm spot. The second it touched sent a shockwave through Jen's entire body.

Jen's belly pushed her belly out so high as she went into another fit of frantic gasping and panting. The worm had found her bellybutton's pulse point. The kidnapper, excited by the erotic breathing, stood and looked at her belly from above again. He had been taping the entire escapade since she arrived. He grabbed the camera and pointed it from above ber belly. He zoomed in on her bellybutton and he salivated. Her bellybutton looked as if it was an open mouth trying to take in air Jen couldn't. He relished in seeing her bellybutton change shape as she panted; her belly was slick and shiny from the sweat.

"Oh, God! I'm feeling faint...if this...worm...doesn't get out...I'm a goner.  Panting...too...much...can't...breathe...please...someone help..."  She thought to herself.

Her panting got slower and more spaced out...unfortunately the worm was still wiggling at its normal pace. If he didn't remove the worm soon, she could die from asphyxiation.

Starting to grow accustomed to the feeling...barely...Jen's breathing slowed by the tiniest bit. It started up again, however, when the worm poked her pulse point again. The result was a jolt of tickling and pleasure throughout her entire body, her form visibly shuddering. Once more she was unable to breathe. Her belly was so sweaty by now it looked like she was swimming in a pool for the last hour.

All the while her captor filmed, so aroused he was afraid he'd drool on her delicate tummy.  Her belly, taut and sweaty, was starting to turn red from lack of air.

"Need...air...*gasping*...can'"  She gasped.

Jen's breathing was slowing down and she was about to relax again, but the persistant worm keeps hitting her sensitive pulse point making her buck and arch involuntarily. She continues to pant rapidly, but she still wasn't getting any oxygen. Despite it looking like she was, she was unable to breathe.  The sadistic captor kept filming as her body was now starting to turn a pale shade of purple.

"Hmmm, maybe I should get it out now...maybe..."
Here's the long awaited part 2!
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but nice story btw ^-^ so theres a part 3?
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