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As she protested, the tiny worm was between his index finger and thumb and as he slowly lowered it towards her bellybutton, Jen slowly sucked her belly in as much as she could.

"Oh... yes. This little guy can make you dance so good. Shakira should try it."

Instead of his usual tactic of dropping it onto her lower belly and watching it crawl up, he drops the worm directly into her helpless navel.  Instantly, Jen begins thrashing her midsection around, which only got worse once the little crawler found and burrowed itself into the hole in the center of her innie, falling down into the first inner chamber of her bellybutton.

Now, she was truly belly dancing as her belly rolled just like the ocean during high tide.  Still it got worse as the worm found its way deeper into the bowels of her navel to her pulse point. She screeched as the breath left her lungs.  The man licked his lips as he watched her bend back far and pant uncontrollably. her rib cage becoming more defined with each desperate breath.

"Yum!  You look so good this way, I might not take the little guy out this time.  Watching you in your forced bellydance takes my breath away... not like how it's taking yours away, though, right?"

She heard him laugh maniaclally, but couldn't focus on anything other than the little invader in her navel. The worm crawled all over her inner bellybutton chamber and as it brushed her pulse point time and time again, it sent electric shocks that made her spasm throughout her body.  She would die by suffocation because of a worm in her bellybutton. She could see the obituary now..."Woman went by wiggling worm!"

He watched as she arched her back... pushed her belly out... writhed her body, anything to get that annoying pest of a worm out... but to no avail.  Her face was turning red as she panted more and more; her belly moving as it tried to take in air she needed.  He especially liked how her bellybutton changed shape from round to oval to almost a slit, like a fish's mouth as it struggles out of the water.

He grabbed his tweezers, but decided to do something different with them.  He had no intention of getting the wiggling creature out of her navel.. .not before he had some fun.  Instead, he slowly put the pincing end of the tool into her navel.  Jen felt the cold metal and THOUGHT he had a change of heart and was going to pull the damn worm out.  No such luck.  Instead, he grabbed some of the navel base and pinched it hard.  Jen, who was still struggling, let out a high squeal in pain.

"That's it; squeal like a piggy, girlie!"

He did it again, this time he twists the skin with the tweezers.  Jen felt tears stinging her eyes as she let out another agonizing squeal.  He does this for a few more minutes, taking care that he didn't end up squishing the worm.  Even HE thought that was sick.  With one last pinch, he manages to make Jen scream out in pain.

"Yeah, that's what I like baby!  I love screamers."  He said chuckling.

Seeing how red the inside of her deep innie was, he decided to do the soft torture on her while his new pet worm did his job.  He wanted to make her belly dance more  so he grabbed an elegant peacock feather and began to tickle the area surrounding her cavernous bellybutton.  When jen felt the new sensation, she practically shrieked. Bad enough a worm was loose in the depths of her bellybutton, squirming against the single most sensitive part of her body, now this psycho was making it worse by tickling the rest of her stomach with a feather!

He relished her erotic, yet vain, attempt to get her belly away from the feather by sucking it in.  All she could do was pant and shriek as the ticklish sensations worsened.  She remembered his words... he might not take the worm out this time... and that made her panic.

The added panic only made her situation worse. The idea that this little worm would never leave her, tickling the pulse point within her navel forever, made her lungs weaker.  Still the worm crawled freely oblivious to his host's plight and still the feather danced across her smooth, sweaty, heaving belly.

He watched as her belly's movements slowed down from the seemingly endless tickling inside and outside of her helpless bellybutton. Her panting slowed considerably and she was in real danger of passing out. Her body was now turning a slight bluish tinge as her belly involuntarily twitched as the worm still wriggled inside, despite the fact she barely had any energy or air left to move.

"Perhaps I'm taking this too far too fast."  The man thought aloud to himself.

He stopped the feather action, but left the worm inside her innie bellybutton just to see if she could still handle it.  He saw that she was the same... still arched back, still with barely enough energy to move... and rapidly, less and less air to breathe.   He could hear her audible gasps as she fights for air.

Grabbing the tweezers, the man, with some difficulty, opened up her navel hole to the farthest depths and retrieved the worm. As soon as it was gone, she deeply gasped for breath, letting her stomach out.

Her gave her time enough to recover, but he wasn't finished with her delicious navel yet... far from it.  For now, he watched... his camera focused on her sexy dimple as she arched back and took slow, deep breaths, thanking the good Lord for each one.

He slowly ran his hand across her sweaty belly but Jen seemed to take no notice since she was concentrating too much on breathing. He lightly rubbed her soft skin before lightly fingering her bellybutton, producing a slight moan from her. When he was finished, he patted her stomach and waited for what was to come.

As Jen was kept up with her deep breathing, her mind started to drift. She thought about her secret fantasy of meeting the right guy and dancing just for him...

[day dream]

Jen was practicing her new routine alone in her dressing room.  it was one of the few days when she had the club all to herself so she took advantage of it.  She had on a sky blue tank top, black leggings and a sequin-studded belly scarf as her outfit  Soft music played in her room as she sexily moved her hips to the melody.  She began arching to do a backbend when a man knocked on her door. His face was hidden from her view but his voice was clear as a bell.

"Good evening." The man said.

"Hi..." Jen replied. "Have we met?"

She absent-mindedly inserted her middled finger into her bellybutton as she talked. The act did not go by unnoticed by the visitor.

", but I've been a fan of your dancing for a while."  He said, watching her finger her deep navel.  "You seem to have a nervous habit."  He chuckled.

"What? Oh!" Jen quickly removed her finger and blushed.

"Er...Sorry. After bellydancing for so long, I just kinda learned to give it a lot of attention.  Would you like to come in?"

"I'd love to." The man replied.

As he walked into her dressing room, Jen noticed how good he looked; she still couldn't see his face though, but she had an inkling of how his features would look.

"I'm really embarrased. I didn't know anyone would be watching and..."  She was blushing a vibrant rose color by this time.

"No, it's quite all right."  He said with a smile.  "I couldn't help but notice how far your finger went in. You must have a very deep bellybutton."

"Yeah, I guess so," Jen said, looking down at her innie. "I haven't fingered many bellybuttons in my time, so I dunno how deep it is compared to others."

"Perhaps I can determine that. May I?"

His question knocked her for a loop.  Not too many people were as forward, but that appealed to Jen.

"Sure." She said, offering the stranger her navel.

The man reached out and slowly put his finger into her innie until it went up to his second knuckle. A jolt of pleasure surged through Jen's body as he touched the bottom.  Her belly muscles quivered and gently squeezed his finger as he slowly wiggled it inside.

"My, this IS a deep one. It feels so warm... and soft."

He gently slides his finger out and looks at Jen who had her eyes closed in pleasure.

"Um... miss?" He asked with a chuckle.  "Hello."

"Sorry." She said, regaining her herself. "Kinda zoned out there."

The man laughed at her embarrassment, but he found that attractive.

"Well, yours is an exceptionally deep navel."

"Thank you." She said. "Now, what can I do for you?"

"Well...I'm embarrased to ask this, but could you bend back for me?"

Jen grinned at this odd request.  

"May I ask why?"

"To be honest, I came in too late to catch your performance and you're well known for your backbends."  He explained.

Jen happily obliged.

"Why don't you have a seat and I'll show you what you missed."

The man sat in a chair and watched as Jen turned her back to him, but not before giving him a playful wink.  When she turned to face him, she had slipped in her ruby belly jewel.  As the soft music played, she did the most amazing backbend he'd ever seen. It stretched her belly out so much that her navel was almost a vertical slit...or it would have if not for the jewel inside.  And then she turned him on even more when she began to bellyroll; the gem sparkled as she rolled her belly seductively. The point of the jewel lightly scratched her navel base as she rolled her belly.

"You look really beautiful like that. It's like you're offering your deep bellybutton as a sacrifice. And I love how the jewel is trapped inside. When you move your belly like that it's like your begging for someone to remove it."

Jen smiled as she felt his fingertips gently caress her belly's silken skin.  Her belly quivered under his touch, his touch giving her wonderful goosebumps. Her middle became jelly as his fingers walked their way toward her delicious bejeweled innie.

Jen arched her back even more and seductively pushed her belly in and out in time with the music. He could swear he could hear her panting to the beat. He spied a cotton swab on a nearby table and was curious to see if she could take being tickled in her delectable bellybutton.

As swiftly as possible, the man grabbed the cotton swab and gently pried the jewel from her navel.  He then quickly stuffed the swab in her tender innie and began to swirl it around. Jen shrieked with laughter as it tickled her deep bellybutton.

"Stop!! Please! HAHAHA! It tickles!"  She said laughing.

Sure, she asked to stop, but she loved having her bellybutton tickled, especially if someone else did the tickling.

"You have a pretty laugh, but do you make other sounds when this delightful little innie is played with? Say...on the more erotic side?"  He asked as he continued to tickle her navel.

He didn't know what made him ask that.  He just met Jen not two minutes ago.  He usually wasn't so bold and the thought made him blush a little  He thanked God she was bent backwards and couldn't see him right now.

Forcing her laughter down, Jen started to moan with pleasure as the cotton was swirled around in her sensitive navel.

"How's that sound?" She asked with a smile.

Apparently, he hit a nice spot in her navel and continued to stroke it with the lucky q-tip. Jen was extremely flexible and rolled her belly making the q-tip tickle her even more.

"That is a very nice sound. Now how can a guy like me make you pant like you did during your bellydance?"

He had to admit to himself, it turned him on having such a sexy dancer with an equally sexy bellybutton submit to his ticklish whims.

The man pointed the q-tip straight down and pushed it into the center of her bellybutton making Jen gasp. Intrigued, he pushed it harder and harder. He had successfully made Jen gasp and moan in pleasure as the cotton probed the inner recesses of her bellybutton. He loved the sounds she was making and could tell it was turning her on, too.  Seeing the position she was in and how the q-tip was situated in her navel, the man was struck with an idea.

"Okay, try to raise up with this q-tip in your bellybutton."

The man had no idea about the tiny hole that led to her deepest, most ticklish spot.  While he pushed the q-tip down on her navel, Jen raised her body up higher, causing the cotton to squeeze through the two small holes leading to a deep inner chamber. The cotton brushed and pushed on her pulse point deep in her bellybutton.  Jen shrieked, making the man jump, and started flailing her midsection around as the tool tickled the most sensitive part of her entire body.

"Oh! I'm sorry, did I..."

Jen stayed in her backbend and answered him.

"No, no not at all. You just hit my really sensitive part of my bellybutton. There's a little hole in it and it leads to the most sensitive part of it. Whenever I get tickled!"

"How did you find out about this?"

"My friend April. She tied me up in a backbend like this and put a worm in my bellybutton. It crawled so deep inside, I was unable to breathe... but to be honest... and I never told her this... but I loved it! Having my navel tickled by something tiny turns me on. It really makes my belly dance."

"Wow. that is awesome."  He said as he slowly and gently removed the sqab from her navel.  "So, if a worm or anything got into those holes, that would make you pant?"

"Pant and everything else." Jen answered.

"Interesting." The man said. "Got anything we could try that with?"

"Well, there is one thing..."

Still arched back, Jen pointed to a jar in the corner which contained a couple of the same worms April used that day.

"I haven't had one in there in a while."  She said winking to him.

The man smirked back and decided to be daring... so he asked her a personal question.

"What is your secret fantasy?"  He whispered to her.

"To have that worm tickle my bellybutton while I'm helpless and powerless to take it out. To let it tickle me so much I can barely breathe then have someone save me at the last minute."  She whispered back.

"Mmmm, and by helpless you mean..."

"Tie my hands."

He didn't need to be told twice.  Grabbing some rope that was next to the jar, the man tied Jen's hands together with one end and tied the other end to the leg of her vanity.  Now she was stuck in her back-bending position and she didn't mind at all. He then opened the jar and retrieved one of the tiny worms. He held it above her quivering belly for several long, suspenseful moments.  In that time, Jen had pushed her belly out making her sexy bellybutton seem to open wider... a fitting invitation for such a fetish.  After what seemed like agony for Jen, she felt the worm fall from his fingers and into her sexy bellybutton.  she shrieked out loud and her belly moved sexily as the tiny creature made its way to the secret navel hole.

"Ohhhh...oh oh, I feel it... I can fee-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence because she started breathing heavily. Her body arches back more as the worm penetrates the first hole. Her belly muscles move in an erotic, involuntary belly dance.

The worm crawled around the first chamber of her navel, making her belly writhe around violently. The man watched with delight as she bellydanced to the worm's movements.

Then things got way worse as the tiny creature fell through to the second bellybutton chamber, landing directly on top of Jen's pulse point.  She went to her knees and arched back; her belly pushed in and put from her heavy panting. The worm was making its home in her bellybutton chamber and in doing so, it made her let out a barely audible squeak as she tried to breathe. Her bellybutton changed shaped and looked very much like a mouth trying to suck in air.

Jen tried sucking her belly in, making her ribs strain against her skin. Her deep bellybutton practically had a life of its own, the way it moved. Her attacker watched with delight as she bucked her concave tummy up and down while the worm tickled her pulse point again and again.

She arched her back and he could hear her try to breathe as she could barely make out the words...

" it...out...get it out..." She panted out.

She really needed air, and fast, but deep down she loved being so helpless. She couldn't see the man's face, but she knew he was handsome which made it so much more of a turn on for her.

After seeing her face start to turn purple, the man grabbed a pair of tweezers and held her flailing belly still. Using them to open up the forbidden chambers of her deep navel, he picked the worm out and removed it from her sexy bellybutton. She let out a sigh of relief, though she was secretly a little disappointed. He allowed her to catch her breath before continuing.

"How did that feel, my dear? Did you want me to rescue you from the mean ol' worm?"  He playfully  asked as he rubbed the soft skin of her belly and softly fingered her deep innie.

Jen felt violated as she felt his finger swirling around in her navel, but she was too exhausted from the worm to even try to resist...not that she wanted to.  She sucked her belly in a little, but with great effort. After a few moments, the man said, "Now, are you ready for something different?"

"Oh, what do you have planned now?" She asked in between breaths.

Jen was curious. This was her dream to have a gorgeous man have his way with her navel. She rolled her belly unconsciously in anticipation.

"You seem like you need that belly cooled down after such a workout."

The man approached with a cube of ice, though she could not see. He held it just above her navel and waited. After a long moment of anticipation, Jen gasped and sucked in her belly as the first freezing drop of water fell into her deep bellybutton.  She gasped and moaned as the cool drop of water hit her navel, then shivered as it seaped into the hole. She felt him do this a few more times before she felt a piece being pushed directly into it.

He swirled it around inside her bellybutton, making her involuntarily suck it in even more and squirm in pleasure. He did this until the ice cube was completely melted, making Jen's deep bellybutton a small pool.

"Mmmmm,I wouldn't mind taking a dip in there. I can't really fit, thought, but I know something that can."

He leans down and she can feel the warm tip of his tongue circle her navel.  Jen's belly convulses with pleasure, even moreso when his tongue enters her bellybutton. He licks the water clean from her innie and continues after it's all   Jen moans happily as his tongue swirls around her deep bellybutton and pushes her belly into his tongue, not wanting it to leave.

"Oh, don't stop....don't stop...don't stop..."  She moaned breathlessly over and over.

[dream sequence ending...]

She is still saying 'don't stop', unaware that it wasn't her dream man licking her deep navel.  In fact, it was her worst nightmare.

"Okay, baby, if that's what you want. I knew you liked my tongue in there." He said chuckling menacingly.

Jen's eyes snap open at the familiar voice. Revolted, she sucked her belly in to get her navel way from his disgusting, slimy tongue. "No, stop! Stop!" she said, trying to suck it in even more. Her bellybutton felt very violated as his tongue followed after it.  The man's tongue left her bellybutton and he looked down at her bent back form...then at the clock.

"Okay, babe, if that's what you want, you got it. No more tongue in your navel."

She thought this meant he'd let het go finally.  What a fool he would make her out to be.  He unhooks her from the floor and puts her on the table...with the spike directly over her bellybutton. He tightly ties her hands and ankles to the table with rope before removing the handcuffs.  He decided to remove her blindfold after all this time to let her see he wasn't bluffing about the spike.  When she looked up, she let out a scream that would wake the dead she could be joining if nobody saved her in time.

"But I have to tell you babe, you have one hour left...and soon...there won't be anything in your delicious little innie except this huge 2 ton spike! I never got my ransom, so guess what you get. His sadistic laugh rang through the abandoned warehouse.

Jen gasped and started to squirm around, her eyes never leaving the dangling steel spike abover her delicious navel. She hoped whoever was trying to find her would find her soon before her bellybutton was skewered by the trap.
I know I've taken WAY too long to update this but I hope it's worth the wait!
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